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Weather Network

Meteo Media is one of the nation’s biggest weather channels out there, but even though some people think that they’re a sole proprietor, they’re actually just the French-language version of the popular Canadian website “The Weather Network”, which provides numerous bits of weather for the Ottawa area, as well as serving Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick. They have their own channel feed on television and both MeteoMedia and the Weather Network are on television 24/7, much similar to the popular United States “The Weather Channel” network owned by The Weather Group LLC located in Atlanta, Georgia. In this guide we’re going to give some info on what the Weather Network and Meteo Media have to offer as far as programming goes.

What MeteoMedia Offers

Similar to other weather stations online and on television, you get hour by hour updates of the weather, which gives numerous different bulletin-style posts of daily, 4-day forecasts, 7 day forecasts, and 14-day forecasts as well. Not only this, but they offer various shows that give detailed weather forecasts in small segments at certain times every hour called “Meteo Active”, and you also get broadcasted segments called “Nouvelles MeteoMedia” which is a segment involving different environmental aspects, from pollen warnings, seasonal illness warnings, and even skiing conditions.
At around 45 minutes after every hour, you can also watch the “Previsions Internationales” (or International Previsions in English) which is also broadcasted twice during the overnight hours with international weather conditions, for those who are commuting or traveling, as well as to provide weather for many different locations other than just Ottawa.

About the Website

The website for MeteoMedia is in all French (of course sometimes Google can translate this), but it’s actually a mirror image of the Weather Network’s website. The only difference is that some of the “up to date” and featured videos that are on there aren’t the same (mainly just the news articles that are weather or environment related), but other than that, the majority of the site is identical to The Weather Network’s site.
What Happens When You Translate?
While some people may be tempted to translate the page, one must realize that Google Translate won’t always translate accurately, and there may be grammatical errors, so if you’re looking at articles and weather news posts, you will be better off just using the English version of the site. Also, all of the video feeds that are on MeteoMedia are in French instead of English audio, so this might be a language barrier if you’re not a fluent French-speaking Canadian.


For one of the most accurate forecasts out there if you’re a French-Canadian, simply head over to MeteoMedia if you’re in the Ottawa area for some of the best and most accurate weather. Of course, Mother Nature isn’t always completely predictable, and one must remember this because weather can change at any moment. While some people are skeptical on just how accurate weather can be, they need to realize that you can’t necessarily predict what’s going to happen two weeks in advance (other than just a generalized theory), but when it comes to same day, or the next few days in advance, these forecasts are more accurate and easier to detect.