How to Reload Pistol Ammo with Reloading Press ?

reloading press

Reloading presses are made to make the reloading process easier and better than before. When it comes to handguns like pistol ammo, people get confused if they can use a reloading press for reloading the pistol or not.

Yes, you can reload pistol ammo with a reloading press. Here, we would recommend you to go for a progressive reloading press. If you cannot settle for progressive reloading press, you can go for turret reloading press too.

Now we will show you how you can reload your pistol with reloading press!

Reloading Pistol Ammo with Reloading Press: Step by Step Process

Step 1: Sizing and De-Priming

When you start reloading, you have to settle for clean brass first. The brass usually expands when your cartridge is fired. The firing is held for extensive pressure of pushing the brass against the chamber wall of your ammo. When you size the brass, it helps to lessen the diameter of the brass and takes it down to the accurate diameter. In this way, you can make sure that the bullets are getting the perfect press fit when the bullets are seated.

Now, you have to knock out the old primer with the help of a DECAPPING pin. The pin will enter the body through a flash hole. After that, it will push on the primer. When all these are done, you will be able to get a perfectly sized case.

Step 2: Priming

Now that you are done with sizing the case, you have to give importance to priming. You have to insert the primer from the bottom. In this process, you will get to see a feeding mechanism and it will help you to place the primer into the primer pocket.

Step 3: Expanding

Now you have to provide importance to the third stage. After the case is primed perfectly, you will need to ensure that the mouth of the case is expanded. This is very important because, in the later steps, you will need to place the bullet in the mouth of the case. In that situation, if the mouth is expanded properly, the bullet will seat steadily on the mouth of the case.

If you are dealing with lead bullets, you may face the lead or lube getting shaved off the bullet by the case mouth. If the expansion is held properly, it also prevents the shaving off of the bullet.

Step 4: Powder Charge

If you do not measure the correct powder charge, you will suffer in the later steps. There is a device for measuring the powder. This device will also pre-determine the amount of the powder that you are going to use and it will also dump thy on the DROP TUBE.

Step 5: Seating and Crimping

After you get the case perfectly charged with powder, you will need to place the bullet on the mouth of the case. You can easily now seat the bullet to a particular depth and then complete the crimping of the case. Crimp ring roles will work for revolvers while taper crimps will go with automatic pistols.

Now, your pistol is perfectly reloaded and you are ready for shooting the perfect shot of your life! Go on and shoot it!

Parcel Up

As we have already said, if you want to settle for reloading pistol ammo, you should go for turret or progressive reloading presses. It can make the reloading process faster than before.

The process is a little complicated but you have to understand that if you need faster reloading, you have to deal with the complications. The process of reloading is easy. All you have to do is try the process step by step several times and you are all set to go!