How to Have an Awesome Halloween this Year ?

Guess what, Halloween is here. Happy Halloween to all of you who are reading this. Everybody just loves Halloween and if you don’t then you are most probably a demon. Today, we are writing about the best ways one could have an exciting Halloween. We will be covering almost every aspect of the occasion including top costumes to put on, on how to make best carvings, from decoration to designing stuffs, exciting recipes and also on the best video games to play on Halloween.

So let’s begin with the guide:

# Last-minute Halloween costumes you can DIY:

1. Men In Black Costume.


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Couples and best friends could wear the Men In Black costume as it is very accessible and easy to put on. You will need black suits, sunglasses, ties and of course shoes. It would be great if you get these toy guns:-)

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You can literally wear this the moment you want to go out for Halloween and it’s fun as you don’t have to put on something which gets an hour or more to get ready for the party.

# 9 Tips to Carve the Perfect Pumpkin

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  1. Start with the fresh pumpkin which do not have any cuts and bruises with a flat bottom of course.
  2. Try to cut from the bottom instead of top.
  3. Scoop out all the pulp from within.
  4. First make a sketch on a paper before you begin to carve it.
  5. Hold it in your lap.
  6. Start by making rough cuts and after the rough sketch continue with the finishing.
  7. You can use the waste material to make hairs, nose etc creatively.
  8. Make a chimney on the top so that it exhausts all the heat outside.
  9. Decorate it with some additional lighting or put some incense inside for fragrance.

# Happy Halloween decoration ideas for homes:

1. Paper bats on the walls.

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You can make creatures like bat with black cards and hang like 5-6 paper bats on each wall. This look will surely make you stand out of all and definitely a good way to decorate your home.

2. Ghost Balloons.

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Ghost balloons are very creative and unique to decorate your home with. You could either buy them from the stores or easily create something with your own using black marker pen.

# Happy Halloween party foods to make at home:

1. Halloween cake.

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You can try to make cakes in this manner. Not only it looks scary but also that chocolate decoration will taste good.

2. Halloween cookies.

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You can also make cookies for Halloween but you have to be careful in giving them the given shape as it is quite difficult to cut and make these shapes.

# Top Video games to play on Halloween:

Halloween is all here but if you are not in the mood to go outside and enjoy with friends or would like to keep your brain smashed in video games until the Halloween night then let me provide you a good chunk of Halloween video games you can play to get the scary feel in the comfort of your bed or couch.

1. P.T.

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P.T is widely regarded as one of the most chilling, haunting, and nightmare-inducing experiences a human being can have, featuring a seemingly endless walk through a looping house. Each time you walk through the door and into the same room you just left, everything gets gradually worse and worse, revealing tiny hints and fragments of a story. A story of a father killing his whole family and then himself. Not only was P.T. a masterpiece in horror, but it also looked stunning.

2. Silent Hill.


Silent Hill is one of the most easily recognized, referenced and inspiring titles of the genre. Its unmistakable setting, based on the ever-burning city of Centralia, Pennsylvania, is home to countless nightmarish creatures, all vying to kill you in the most disgusting of ways. Cinematic camera angles hide horrors around every corner, daring the player to carry on into the haze of mist and ash, all in a bid to find the protagonist’s missing adopted daughter Cheryl.

3. Subnautica.

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Subnautica drops you into its watery world and, at first, all seems calm and friendly. Fascinating aquatic alien life, clear blue water. Lovely stuff. But the deeper you dare to go, the more you risk stumbling upon something… a whole lot larger and a whole lot scarier. Subnautica’s depths are teeming with giant cephalopods, leviathans whose screams echo across the ocean, hypnotic fish that compel you to swim into their jaws.

If you want to play more such horror games then i suggest you to look at for best horror games.